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Solar Panels

The sun provides us with energy everyday, from the food you eat to the electricity you can produce. Malaysia is blessed with large amounts of sun every day that helps to create this beautiful country of Malaysia and we at SolarNRJ are working to keep it that way.

With an ever-grow demand for technologies such as smart phones, computers, cameras, portable gaming computers, touch tablets, and a whole lot more… there is a large increase in the demand for electricity. Though many manufacturers are working to improve the efficiency of these systems that require electricity to work are becoming a part of our culture.

Solar Photovolatic (PV) panels are one of many solutions that we at SolarNRJ work with to enable our clients to benefit from power generation systems. For more information on the benefits of solar PV click here. Solar PV is also becoming one of the most reliable long term investments people and corporations can make.

The Malaysian Government is pushing this industry as well, providing incentives whether through allowing private individuals or corporations to generate their own electricity for self consumption or even to sell back to the grid (TNB/SESB), to tax incentives for corporations to benefit from green projects and Green Building Index (GBI) programs. With more in the works to come over the next few years.

SolarNRJ is here to help our clients understand the technologies in the market. We listen to our client’s needs and work to address the issues and concerns they have. We will then provide them with the options for generating their own power, whether to avoid power outages for critical machines, or just for investment purposes.

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